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My name is Mirko Brombin, class of '94 and this is my personal website, containing mainly bookmarks, projects, posts and recipes.

If you landed on this website looking for Linux and Open source content, I recommend you to visit the portal I founded.

This site contains Italian texts that I didn't want to translate.

Just to say, I am not looking for a job and this is not a website to showcase my skills.

_ Mirko

Projects I'm working on*
* See all my projects here
  1. @unifiedban_bot

    The complete solution for the manage and sedue your Telegram group.

    Firstly developed in python (now in C#) this bot allows an accurate control of spam in the your telegram groups and thanks to the web interface you can manage the operations directly from browser.

    @unifiedban_bot unified-ban/how-to-start news logs group web
  2. biskuit

    A modern CMS developed in php/synfony/vue.js born from the dead Pagekit project.

    The project was born with the aim of resuming the well-known CMS, it brings several bugfixes, improvements and fixes security holes.

    biskuitorg/biskuit biskuit.org
  3. Bottles

    Easy management of wineprefixes on Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives.

    The project was born mainly for the elementary OS distribution.

    bottlesdevs/bottles/v2 bottlesdevs/bottles/v1 wiki
  4. BitMyCoins

    Application for track cryptocurrencies on Linux.

  5. ppaextender

    Simply extend repos on Ubuntu/Debian and derivatives.