I'm Mirko B.

Ciao, I'm a UI/UX designer and proud Linux user from Italy, born in '94.

My story in the world of computing began when the first PC arrived at home, I was very young. I was shocked by this "magic" box, not so much because it showed images but because I could move the contents on this screen, not like on TV. I immediately understood that from that day on it was going to be part of my life in some way.

I remember spending my time writing texts on the computer for my father. I learned the keyboard by heart after a very short time. I spent a lot of time taking care of the formatting of the text: colors, fonts (those few available).

One day a family friend brings us a box containing a CD with Debian. My brother and I immediately tried to install it, this took a long time because we didn't really know what we were doing. I remember that was my first experience with a Linux distribution and with KDE. A short time later I installed Ubuntu 8.04 and started using it more often.

A few years later I received my first personal PC with Windows XP, with which I created my first website.

Over the years I have cultivated a lot my passion for design and user experience. With each job my passion for attention to detail grew, to the point that I could no longer work with existing frameworks, I found them heavy and vast. The interfaces were all the same for me, they all used the same frameworks, the same lines. I then started excluding them from my workflow, going back to working from scratch. This allowed me to break out of the box and create something new.

Over the years I have curated the UX of the products of various companies. Since 2021 I have been dedicating myself to UI and UX for the products of fabricators.ltd, the company of which I am a partner together with Pietro, a dear friend of mine.

I am a strong supporter of Open Source and in my spare time I work on personal projects and contribute to others.

Latest projects

See all my projects here.

Vanilla OS

Taste the GNOME Vanilla experience on Ubuntu with some spice..

Official website


Easily manage Linux Chroot(s) and Containers with Atoms.

See on GitHub


Easily run Windows software on Linux using WINE environments!

Official website


File Versioning System with hash comparison, deduplication and data storage.

See on GitHub


This tool helps you building your own Linux runtime given a recipe.

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Keep your users safe and manage your group with the most advanced, comprehensive and free solution.

Official website