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My projects*.
* There are only the projects that are most valuable to me.
  1. xfce4-taskbar-plugin

    Simple and lightweight taskbar for XFCE4.

    Fork of docklike-plugin with several improvements.

  2. wingpanel-indicator-prime

    A PRIME mode switcher for wingpanel.

  3. Universal-Post-Install

    A customizable post installation tool for every Linux distribution.

    Developed in Python it allows you to create configurations easily applicable on across multiple workstations and distributions.

  4. @unifiedban_bot

    The complete solution for the manage and security of your Telegram group.

    Firstly developed in python (now in C#) this bot allows an accurate control of spam in the your telegram groups and thanks to the web interface you can manage the operations directly from browser.

    @unifiedban_bot documentation status news logs group web
  5. telegram-rss-bot

    Telegram bot Template in python for managing multiple RSS feeds.

  6. shouldidoit

    Should I do it? A simple utility to help make decisions.

  7. pybotgram

    Templates and start points for the construction of Telegram bots in Python.

    It takes advantage of the python-telegram-bot library and offers a complete, ready-to-use framework for handler, commands and utils.

  8. ppaextender

    Simply extend repos on Ubuntu/Debian and derivatives.

  9. @myjoshuabot

    A smart Telegram assistant. (Italian)

  10. mycentos7

    This is my standard server configuration with CentOS 7.

    I cover different aspects, from security, to software installation, kernel updating and system customization.

  11. myarchlinux

    This is my Arch Linux installation, configuration and dotfiles.

    There is also a (currently unstable) custom install script to reproduce my installation.

  12. linuxpeople

    Portal where to show your Linux Desktop.

    linuxpeople.org Comunità Telegram
  13. linux/hub linuxhub.it
  14. license

    Browse the various Open source licenses through this handy application.

  15. httploader.js

    This JS script allows you to load the content of a link or a portion of it into a element. It doesn't depend on jQuery.

  16. gitscover

    Find new GitHub repositories on elementary OS.

  17. github.com

    On GitHub you can find my contributions to third-party repositories but also the organizations I am in.

    /linuxhubit /unified-ban /bottlesdevs /biskuitorg
  18. football

    Football scores viewer in python/GTK.

  19. firefox-breeze-theme

    A script that brings the standard KDE Breeze theme to Firefox.

  20. ElementaryPython

    A template for building native python applications for elementary OS with Granite.

    There are several examples of system integration.

  21. Deepin Italia

    Il forum ufficiale italiano dedicato all'omonima distribuzione.

    Il progetto è guidato dal traduttore italiano ufficiale Massimo C. e dalla comunità italiana su Telegram.

    deepin.it Telegram Massimo C.
  22. catfacts

    Find cat facts on elementary OS.

  23. Bottles

    Easily run Windows software on Linux with 🍷 Bottles!

    Bottles was born in 2017 as a personal need. I needed a practical way to manage my wineprefixes.

    /bottlesdevs/Bottles /bottlesdevs/dependencies
  24. BitMyCoins

    Application for track cryptocurrencies on Linux.

  25. biskuit

    A modern CMS developed in php/synfony/vue.js born from the dead Pagekit project.

    The project was born with the aim of resuming the well-known CMS, it brings several bugfixes, improvements and fixes security holes.

  26. autosummary.js

    This JS script generates a table of contents from an article. Create bookmark points for each title automatically and does not depend on jQuery.