Vanilla OS Stable First Thoughts

Yesterday we released the first stable release of Vanilla OS (22.10 Kinetic). In this article I want to do some small reflections on how things are going. This article might seem premature given that not even 24 hours have passed since the release of the stable, but I think the first few hours are the most important to think about and make some considerations.

The release was a real success, people are using it and immediately understood the philosophy behind the project. Of course, bugs have already emerged that have escaped our months of testing but this is part of the game, we expected it, we knew it would have been impossible for such a young project to be able to see its first release without any bugs, when even the more famous and tested distributions have some. So, a hit, great!

The last month has been a lot of pressure and joy at the thought of finally showing everyone our progress. On the internet there was talk for months of how Vanilla OS would be a game changer, something revolutionary, unique, and the pressure was great. We have worked hard to meet these expectations and we hope we have succeeded.

What happens now?

We have already started working on the bugs you reported to us and will release an update soon to fix them. At the moment these are not critical bugs, only minor ones which however affect part of the user experience and which must therefore be resolved as soon as possible.

I recommend logging into our Discord server to keep you informed.

Vanilla OS 23.04

Work on the next release of Vanilla OS will start in a few weeks instead. We’re taking some time to consolidate the 22.10 release and want to see how things go. We have tons of plans for the future and consolidation of Vanilla OS and we can’t wait to tell you all about them.